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Cameron Thomas

Journalism Portfolio

My name is Cameron Thomas, and I am a senior at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science.  I am currently the Managing Editor and former copy editor for our school's online news publication, The Vision. I am also a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and an AAJA JCamp Alumnus.

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About me

I was thirsty, eager to quench my desire for more in life. Life at my school, the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS), does not allot me the time to work on my novels like my old school did. However, I cannot deprive myself of writing because it is an essential part of my identity; therefore, I joined The Vision.

Before coming to MSMS, I participated in clubs that highlighted other aspects of journalism. In middle school, I placed third in the state broadcasting competition for meteorology.

During high school, I took digital media technology for two years. I learned plenty about photography and videography, both being major parts of journalism. But nothing is more alluring than having the ability to type or write words to tell a story or express your opinion.

I am a senior from the small town of Port Gibson, Mississippi. I enjoy math, psychology, helping people, and looking at life from a very different perspective. However, my devout passion for writing-- from poems, books, and scripts to lab reports or articles-- trails as far back as first grade when I wrote my first short story.

Ever since then, I have found ways to use my words to tell stories, whether it's for pure entertainment or for the pursuit of the truth.

I plan on majoring in statistics and journalism with a concentration in Public Advocacy. After college, I aspire to become an in-depth reporter, an author, and an activist.

This is me getting an all inclusive and interactive tour of the Atlanta Journalist Constitution (The AJC).

This is me procrastinating. I am supposed to be studying for my news quiz, but I ended up talking to Jimmy the whole time.

Journalism in Me

I've always had a love for asking the big questions. I guess that is what really sparked my love and passion for journalism. Journalism has become apart of my everyday life. Whether I am writing or editing or interviewing, I always attempt to gain my daily dosage of quality journalist practice.

I am the Managing editor for The Vision. My main responsibilities are to basically do as much as I can to get the weekly edition out on time. That sometimes results in 2 hours in the news room on a really good week. Let's just say there aren't that many "good weeks."

I am currently a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, which means I have access and networking opportunities with plenty professional journalists of color.

I am an Alumnus of the AAJA JCamp, the top free journalism program for 42 student journalists across the country. It was a highly intensive and busy summer program. My mentor was Ben Bartenstein, Bloomberg News.

I am being mentored by the Managing Editor of the Commercial dispatch, Zack Blair. Each week, I always have to go out into the field to take pictures or interview the people of Columbus., which brings a new surprise each time.

I have my own personal blog: Grotesque CirCAMstances. I provoke thought about current issues going on in media and entertainment.

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